What's this?
on 2010-03-04

It's an update! There's new versions of page 2 and 3 up to watch. Also, I'm almost done with page 39, expect it soon.

Also, Organised-Spam has a twitter.


Now, I know what you're thinking, why does Dick Justice even need one? Why does my hair go bald when I still look so good? Why do I wash the dishes when I should be the owner?

Well I can only answer that first question for you guys. As I know you guys check this page every single day in hope of finding updates, and I always crush your hopes, I know, people who follow it won't have to anymore! Think of the time and effort you could save every day if you knew when the updates were coming! You could be millionaires!

Or not, since you guys are losing your hair and washing dishes I don't think there's much risk of you all being millionaires. Weirdos.

New first page.
on 2009-07-09

As some of you may know, I've decided to redo the first 7 pages with my up-to-date skills. I felt that most people would decide in the first bunch of pages if they would read or not, so they better be rather good. Untill all 7 are updated, the old pages and the new pages may not go together very well, since I'm also going to redo the writing. I felt it was too vague for readers to get a good grip on the story.

Here's page one.

The devil is in the details
on 2009-05-15

I figured I'd go for a cool sounding title this time. So yeah it's an update, 4 new pages to be exact. Go check them out.

Also as you probably noticed we now have some google ads at the bottom of the page. Maybe we'll move them up at some point, maybe not.


Oh as for the comic, the first 7 pages are pretty crappy compared to the new ones so I'll remake them at some point. Not just for the artwork but also to make the story more clear at the start. Yes I can hear you thinking already, 'knowing you, that'll take AGES' but you know what, deal with it, you're not my boss.